Resolutions vs. Goals

Happy 2018, ya’ll!

So, I know that I alluded to my 2018 goals on my Instagram, but in the spirit of the first week of January, I thought I would delve into them a little further on the blog!

I love the idea of the word goal; I just think that it puts a more positive spin on what is more commonly referred to as a “New Years Resolution”. Goals to me are things that you are passionate about pursuing, things that make you feel alive or at least the idea of accomplishing them makes you feel alive. Goals are things that don’t have an expiration date, they are there waiting to be completed or worked on when you can, wherever you can. And let’s be real, how many people do you know that stuck with all of their “resolutions” last year?

So, this year, my goals are:

  • Make art
  • Breathe
  • Love better
  • Do something for the first time
  • Give back
  • Less control, more trust
  • Learn Yoga
  • Start my blog (hey, hey!)
  • Grow my relationship with God
  • Take my position at Stitch Fix to the next level
  • Travel often


I am someone that runs at full speed a lot of the time, and then I crash (which usually involves Mike wiping away a couple of tears and bringing home a bottle of Lamarca and orange juice on his way home from work), so this year, I want to really focus on taking a deep breath, taking more time for myself when I can, prioritizing my quiet time with the Lord and with my own thoughts so that I am not overwhelmed.

Do something for the first time:

This April, Mike and I are driving down the East Coast and hitting Charleston and Savannah on our way to Coral Gables, Florida to watch one of my best friends get married, so I am looking forward to all of the “firsts” along the way. *I-95 is a loooong road*

Learn Yoga:

Self-admittedly, I am more of a work out at home type of girl, something about a gym has always been a bit intimidating to me, so I have always just thrown the mat down or popped in the ballet work out DVD at home, but this year, I am DETERMINED to break out of that and what better way than with Yoga? So, if any of you have Yoga tips for me, help a sister out!

Travel often:

Mike and I have always prioritized travel, it’s one of the things that I loved the most about him when we first met; his life experiences mixed with his desire to see the world was super attractive and over the last six years we have seen many beautiful spots of the world together. This year, we have planned our East Coast trip with stops in Charleston, Savannah, and Miami/Coral Gables. I am going to NYC with my church on a missions trip and Mike and I are traveling to Yellowstone, WY with his family for our annual family trip. Sprinkled in there, I am going to Annapolis, MD for a Bachelorette weekend, as well as Deep Creek in August.

So, I hope that this post inspired you to change your mindset from resolutions to goals!

May you go everywhere and wear it all.



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