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Love Never Dies

Ahh last night…For as long as I can remember, I loved everything about the theater; the lights, the enormous sets, the costumes, and the electrifying anticipation coming off of everyone as you wait for the curtain to rise. Last night I felt all of that again, down to the goosebumps at the curtain call, it never fails. One of the most important things that my parents instilled in us was the importance of and exposure to the arts (can you say, Celine Dion concert, 1998?). That love and appreciation is something that I carry with me as an adult. To this day, I go to as many shows and concerts as I possibly can every year (check out the show that I am pumped to see this Summer at the end of this post). Phantom of the Opera has always been a family favorite, so, in the spirit of memories and blogging, I decided to go back through my mother’s archives to locate photographic proof of my first trip to see Phantom of the Opera on stage, ironically the very same stage as last night, just about 19 years earlier…
Phantom of the Opera, 1999





How about that floral shift, eh? The hunk on the left is my older brother Morgan, who also joined us last night.



Luckily for me, I married a guy who was willing to indulge my love of the stage, even to the point of buying tickets to see Phantom on THE Broadway for my 26th birthday.


Ok, so what do I wear to the theater? I always love wearing black in some form, because nothing says evening or chic like classic black. Plus, I think subconsciously, it takes me back to my days of ballet, but, last night I also wanted to do a little pop of color, so I chose gold.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Forever 21 mini skirt

H&M bell sleeve turtle neck sweater

Forever 21 layered necklace in gold

Express bag with tassel detail

Express signet ring

Details, details, details

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

IMG_9924Last night’s show, Love Never Dies, is a sequel to the 1986 hit, Phantom of the Opera. It’s set 10 years after Phantom escapes from the Paris Opera House, amidst the eerie backdrop of Coney Island. Andrew Lloyd Webber does NOT disappoint in the continuation of Phantom and Christine’s story, in fact, he even sprinkles old music throughout Love Never Dies to tie everything together nicely. Seriously, take my advice, drop what you’re doing and see if they are touring in a city near you.

Love Never Dies Tour Dates


So, if you need me, I will be off pretending I’m Christine somewhere…


***Side note, two things got me JAZZED today and I have to share them with ya’ll.

One, Rod Stewart announced his 2018 North America Tour Dates today on Instagram. Yes, he is touring with Cyndi Lauper again, yes, I will be pre-ordering tickets this week.

Find your city here:

Rod Stewart 2018 Tour Dates

Two, Heather Avis, author of #theluckyfew announced on her Instagram today that she is starting book number 2! Woo! If you haven’t already read The Lucky Few, you are missing out. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. In the meantime, check out her inspiring Instagram, full of her sweet little family (macymakesmyday).

Heather Avis/The Lucky Few

May you go everywhere and wear it all.




5 thoughts on “Love Never Dies

  1. You looked SO fabulous! I love the gold skirt. Perfect for the theater in the winter.

    I saw this show too- as a seasonal ticket holder I was actually less than impressed! I felt the music was very subpar compared to the original or even other Andrew Lloyd Weber pieces such a Jesus Christ Superstar or Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. In my opinion, the music was just very average opera music, not a single song would be stuck in my head after the fact. Even the big number “Love Never Dies” at the end fell flat, and was in my eyes a forgettable number. (I mean think of even less famous songs from the original like “Think of Me” and some of the high soprano notes and arias she would sing!). The best parts were when they would orchestrate or sing melodies from the original, but that just made me want to hear MORE of the original, not the new score. I do not think this is even close to Andrew Lloyd Weber’s best work!

    I also didn’t think the plot was very good. Christine was always torn between Rauol and the Phantom because she thought the Phantom was sent to her by her deceased father. So it was more of a emotional connection to her late father than because she was romantically in love with the Phantom. And now all of a sudden she is sleeping with the Phantom the night before she marries Rauol? The Phantom is a dark soul who Christine always knew was a murderer so why would she romantically love him- she loved him more as a family member, not as a lover. And then the debacle between Madame Giry and Meg upset over the Phantom’s love and legacy going to Gustave was just overly dramatic. I did appreciate the ending when Gustave accepted him without his mask, but everything else in the plot was just over the top and dramatized.

    I will say the costumes and the scenery/stage design were excellent! They were the one thing I did really enjoy about the show.

    All that being said, I definitely understand why the show has never played on Broadway in NYC. It just couldn’t even begin to compare to the high expectations that were set by the original and in my opinion fell very far from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s standards!

    Wow- rant over! What do you think?


    1. Hi! Thanks so much, I love black for the theater, but I thought the gold just added a little drama, so I’m glad that you liked it! 🙂 I totally get where you’re coming from with the production! Honestly, I am a die hard Phantom fan, always have been, so obviously Love Never Dies can’t hold a candle to the original, however, I did think that it was well done and I liked how they carried bit and pieces of the original music throughout to tie the two together. I also thought that the set and the costumes added a ton, that part always adds so much to the experience for me. I will say, I always thought that the relationship between Phantom and Christine was a bit more sexual than just the dead father complex, so that to me wasn’t a far stretch. While it can’t compare to the original I was happy with it and I’m glad that I saw it! Thanks for your comment, fun to talk theater with someone who loves it too! –Adrienne


      1. Absolutely! You’re so right though that no matter what it was never going to compare to the original! I’m excited to have someone to geek out about theater over 😉 We’re a dying breed!


      2. Next up is “The Bodyguard”. Definitely the show I’m least looking forward to on this season’s ticket! It’s based on the movie from the 1990s and features Whitney Houston music. It’s another one that only played in England, never NYC. But after that is “Waitress” which I am SO excited for! It’s composed by Sara Barellis and the score is just INCREDIBLE! Listen to the soundtrack ASAP if you haven’t already and I would highly reccomend getting tickets to that one!


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