An open letter to my very own Galentines

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I would be amiss to not stop and celebrate Galentine’s Day, because let’s face it, our girls deserve a shout out too! I think that we get so busy that we take our tribe for granted. We assume that they’re always going to be there, in our social media driven society, we know that they are only a click away, so we don’t stop to say thank you enough. So, I want to do just that, I want to write a thank you letter to my girls. I hope that this letter rings true for you and your tribe in some form too!

To my best girls-

Thank you for your honesty. For your raw transparency and your true words, spoken in love. Thank you for being willing to stop and listen. Thank you for showing grace when I need it and a kick in the butt even when I thought I didn’t. Thank you for making me laugh. Like belly laugh. Thank you for talking to God about me, I knew the times that you did. Thank you for sharing your family with me. For the endless cups of coffee and shared fashion goals. For the travels and the miles and the men that have come and gone, thank you. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams. I’m thankful for every time we stood together in a crowded room. Thank you for literally wiping away my tears over the years and letting me be there to wipe yours. Thank you for knowing me so well. Thank you for a rich history. For protecting my heart and my words. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for the funny texts in the middle of the day, just to keep tabs on each other. Thank you for the silly photos and the shared GCC memories. Thank you for every sorority squat and wedding plan. For the sweet memories that only childhood can hold, thanks for being there for that too. Thank you for your beauty. Thank you for knowing when to bring the wine (or more likely champs if you know me). For all of the events and the food and the toasts in the air, thank you. Thank you for your softness, but also your strength. Thank you for the shared clothes and the shared dreams. Thanks for the late nights and the SVU marathons. For the days spent with the sun on our face, and the days when we had to remind each other that the sun would come back tomorrow, I’m thankful for those days too. Thank you for walking beside me yesterday. Thank you for walking beside me today. Thank you for walking beside me tomorrow. I love you endlessly.



And one of my all time favorites just about sums it up-


“May you go everywhere and wear it all.”

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