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DIY: Travel-inspired Tennis Shoes.

So with the quick burst of warmth in Pittsburgh this week (78 degrees in February? Sign me up), I was inspired to do a fun little DIY for my upcoming Spring travels and I thought I would share this easy idea with you guys!

First, I love a classic white canvas tennis shoe and you can get them as cheaply as $6 at Walmart, especially perfect if you want to play with a DIY project!


What you’re going to need for this project:

Tennis Shoes (there are other colors available at Walmart, but I prefer white for this project)

Puff paint

Pencil for stenciling

First, I wanted to choose icons that were representative of my brand, so I chose lips and a diamond to represent beauty and fashion and an airplane as well as the script “Bon Voyage” to represent the travel side of my blog. Pinterest is a great tool for choosing what icons you want to use and how you want to stencil them onto the shoe.

Step 1:

First, use your pencil to stencil the icons that you chose onto the shoe, this will help with placement and make you feel good about your project before you use the paint and make the commitment.



Step 2: Then comes the paint and voila, you have a new pair of go-to shoes, perfect to pair with a little t-shirt dress or my favorite go-to: the romper.


Step 3: Kill it in the dressing room.IMG_3062

Have fun making your own “tennies” that reflect you and what you enjoy, I’d love to see what you come up with! Happy DIYing!

“May you go everywhere, and wear it all.”



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