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Colony Cat Cafe

So friends, I have been away for a few weeks, because I am mulling over how I want to present my blog to the world, and as someone who classically overthinks things like this it often leads to me getting “stuck”. My gut reaction is to only post when I can inspire or “help” someone; DIY’s, reviews, lessons learned, experiences, and because of that I feel like I have a hard time posting frequently, because let’s face it, girlfriend can’t be inspired and helpful all the time.

In a means of keeping myself motivated and on a good posting schedule, I have been brainstorming some ideas and in the spirit of my constant need for wanderlust (thus the name), I thought why not wander around my own town (and those surrounding) and highlight the places that I love or that inspire me right here in my own back yard? I will forever be obsessed with all things Europe, there’s no getting around that and if I’m honest, I’m counting the days until I can go back (Austria, anyone?), but until then, I want to share what I love right here at home.

For my first local post, I wanted to share my experience at the Colony Cafe’ on Penn Avenue, downtown. Growing up there was a long list of feline friends in my house, sometimes up to 5 at a time (my mother proudly referred to our house as Stouffer’s Ark).  Having married a man that absolutely hates cats, I jumped at the chance to check this place out when @gingerandgrae suggested it!


First of all, can we talk about the decor. I mean, come on, so well done. I’ll take one of those tufted couches in every color, thanks. The downstairs of the cafe’ is set up with sweet little bistro tables and chairs and cozy couches. Pick what wine or latte you want on the chalk board menu, pay your $8 loft fee, and head up the stairs to the cats! Caitlin and I went on a Friday night, so we did have to make reservations, so I do suggest checking on their website to see if there are open spots/the cats are available. Cat Loft Reservations

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Colony serves a great selection of melts, cheese boards, soups, and salads. I love a good shareable plate, plus there’s avocado toast, which speaks right to my heart. Check out their menu here: Colony Food Menu Because we went later in the evening, we skipped dinner and went right to the red wine, which you are allowed to go share with the cats, although judging from their faces, it looks like these sweet boys, prefer white…

Drink Menus:

Wine Me.


Signature Cocktails.



When you get upstairs, you are greeted by 10-14 adoptable cats from a local shelter, Animal Friends, ironically the same shelter that Mike and I got our sweet Mambi at 4 years ago! The staff up in the loft are super friendly and they will give you treats to pass out to your new feline friends during your visit. The loft is reserved for one hour at a time, and they are also open to hosting special events like bridal showers or birthdays if that’s your thing!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

All in all, I definitely encourage you to check Colony out if you are in the Pittsburgh area, it is worth the hour!


“May you go everywhere and wear it all.”




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