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The Pennsylvania Market

This past Saturday was the best date day that Mike and I have had in such a long time. I love a good day in the city, and as a romantic little bonus, it started to flurry while we were walking around. If you know me at all, I love the first couple of snows and then once it hits the road and lays, all bets are off, I am moving to Bora Bora.


The first stop we made was the grand opening of The Pennsylvania Market on 19th Street, in the Strip District. I am a sucker for a good market and Mike was a trooper for entertaining me. Although, I will say, well done, PA Market, by the time we left, Mike was the one suggesting that we go back down for another date when it wasn’t so crazy crowded.


When we walked in, the first “room” we went into was the Olive Tap, where you can sample shots of different olive oils from around the world; including Italy and more native blends from California. I would bathe in olive oil if I could, so I was all in. Mike? Not so much.


Next stop, was the Courtyard Winery room, where we did a wine tasting of three different wines, which didn’t take much convincing on Mike’s end…Fun fact, the Courtyard Winery is based out of North East, PA, which is down the road from Mike’s hometown of Corry, PA.


After we picked up a bottle of red, we headed upstairs to where the party was really happening; live music, raffles, drinks flowing, and a pizza bar? Yes, please. This place is the perfect spot for a date day and with second floor, outdoor seating, I can’t wait to pop back in when the weather warms back up in the Spring!




The second level boasts a variety of food options, as well as a centralized bar area and a wine area with cozy leather chairs for intimate chatting, and high top tables for standing room. I love the vibe upstairs; it was a diverse crowd, but you could definitely see where this is going to be a hot spot for the cool, hipster demographic. No surprise there, as the Strip District is at the base of Polish Hill.

If you are looking for the perfect date spot, I would definitely suggest hitting up The Pennsylvania Market! A full belly and a full heart, I’m here for all of it.

Find more info here: The PA Market Instagram/The PA Market


“May you go everywhere and wear it all.”



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