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Tree of Life Fundraiser

In the wake of the devastation that hit our city just a few weekends ago at the Tree of Life Synagogue, it has been truly beautiful to see Pittsburgh come together in support of those affected and this past weekend’s fundraiser was no exception. There have been so many amazing ways to get involved in the erase the hate movement happening around our city; from food truck festivals, to t-shirt sales (shout out to Steel City for my tee, see below), to ticket sales, and raffles.


This past Saturday, after Mike and I went to the grand opening of The Pennsylvania Market, we headed over to Spirit in Lawrenceville for the Tree of Life Acceptance Fundraiser, hosted by Jordan Corcoran of Listen, Lucy.  I have so enjoyed hearing Jordan speak, as a member of GRLPWR (more on this powerhouse group in another post coming soon), so when I heard that she was putting together an event for the Tree of Life community, I knew that I wanted to be involved!


What I love about Jordan’s vision is that she created a sign that had a simple message, “ACCEPTANCE”. The letters were all empty, for those involved in the fundraiser to fill in with their own message of hope. In addition to those involved that day, the sign will be moving around businesses in Squirrel Hill over the next couple of weeks, so that patrons of those businesses have the opportunity to sign the banner as well. I think the idea of this message being carried throughout this community, sharing a message of strength and unity,  is such a precious thing and I am so thankful that I could share a small part of it.



If you are in the Squirrel Hill area, keep your eyes peeled for the sign and share your own message of hope! It is heading to Carnegie Library and Coffee Tree next, with more stops being lined up in the weeks to follow. As of now, the hope is that the banner will make its home in Jewish Community Center in Squirrel Hill.


“May you go everywhere and wear it all.”

#pittsburghstrong #erasethehate



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