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It really was The Loveliest

Well friends, it’s been almost a year since I have written a blog post and I have to say, I have equally parts missed it and equally parts been glad not to feel the pressure to crank out a post on days that I didn’t feel like I had it in me. But, at the end of the day, I miss writing and self-expression through words, it’s who I am. I think because I write so much for work, I felt like writing for pleasure was just another thing to cross off the to-do list.


This past Sunday, I was invited to a Blogger event at The Loveliest Co. in Sewickley, Pa. I have been dying to make it over there, but I haven’t taken the time to make the 45 minute trek from my house until Sunday and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Kathryn friends. Every detail is thought of and her super powers were only increased with the help of Kim from Olive and Rose Events at Sunday’s Blogger Bash. Part coffee shop, part boutique, this is the perfect spot for a date with your girlfriends or a jump start on your Christmas shopping (or better yet, shopping for yourself)!



Upon (late) arrival, I jumped right into a super fun photo shoot with a bad group of inspiring Pittsburgh-based bloggers. Each woman unique in her reach and her focus, but all pulling out all the stops on style and united by a love of self-expression. Special thank you to Caitlin T Photography for capturing these super fun shots!



After the shoot was over, we went inside and had some delicious latte’s (if you go, I highly suggest the Brown Sugar latte’), complete with our Insta handles on top, personalized sketches with Victoria from Oh Joyful Day, time to shop the amazing racks from The Loveliest Co., and time to connect with other bloggers.



The next part of the night was the part that I didn’t expect, the part that made me want to pick up the “pen” after almost a year. Kathryn had planned a panel of inspiring women to conclude the event, next door at Glow Blo, and they were informative and inspiring, each in their own way. First up was Brea from The Thinking Branch, who focused on the importance of showing up as your authentic self on social media and being more willing to be vulnerable. Then Katie Love Social and the women of the The Solid Brand Sessions shared some great tips on how to grow your brand and where to put your efforts; whether it be photo quality, brands to collaborate with, etc.


At the end of the Q&A, Julie, from Solid Brand Sessions, suggested that we go around the room and share our name and what our blog was about. The closer it got me, I wondered, should I say that my blog had basically been on hold? Should I be honest that I hadn’t felt inspired to write over the last year? That the first of half of 2019 and the two years before that had been dedicated to the “job” of trying to get pregnant? But, with new found inspiration and encouragement from Brea to be more vulnerable, I just said it. “Hi ladies, I’m Adrienne from Wanderlust and Wardrobes and I started my blog last January (’18) as a way to connect with other women and to be my creative outlet. My blog has taken a back seat this year, as I have been trying to get pregnant and it was really.hard. But now, I’m pregnant, so yay!” Then it happened, the other women in the room clapped. Some old friends and OG’s in my life, but some who had never met me before that night, gave their congratulations and clapped. It made me realize, it’s ok to be more vulnerable. I spend a lot of time putting encouraging memes and quotes on my Insta stories, without really giving the background story. Morgan Harper Nichols has been a constant source of inspiration for me and hands down the one that I share the most on my stories. But, until Sunday, I didn’t want to share too much of my story, even though I encourage others to use their story as a source of encouragement for others watching them. One, because I am a bit private and two, because what I had chosen to not discuss had been all too painful until this Spring. But, with the encouragement from the other bad a** women in the room that night, it just sort of flowed out of me, and you know what, I’m not sorry. It’s a work in progress, this whole being vulnerable on social media thing. But friend, when and if you decide to share your truth, I hope that you find yourself in the center of a room of gorgeous and inspiring women who clap for you too.


Over time, I will share more of my story, but I just wanted to get back in the blog saddle and share the momentous night that Sunday was. And man, does it feel good.


//Thrifted: Ponte pants, $3, Vintage handbag, $6//Pom Pom sweater, $5, velvet ankle booties, $12, turban, $3. Whole look is less than $30!

“May you go everywhere and wear it all.”



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