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Hump Day Half-Price Haul

So, I have been trying to think of creative ways to incorporate my thrifting with my blog, and it seems like everyone loved my Gabe’s try-on session yesterday, so I thought that I would do something similar with my Wednesday thrift hauls and call it “Hump Day Half-Price Hauls”. Every Wednesday at my local Salvation Army everything in the store is half-price, with the exception of one colored tag.

This week I am covering my latest Wednesday Salvo haul, including 5 different pieces that I found a killer bargain on, so let’s jump in!

The starting line

First, I shared this great wool-blend topper on my Instagram last week, the perfect layering piece for Fall, I love this really rich, rust color, it’s perfect with black, grey, or shades of brown for Fall and the best part, it was $2!

Next, leopard is everywhere this season and I am totally here for it, in my world leopard is a neutral, so this cardigan was a no brainer. Plus it was less than $3, so win-win. I love thrifting because you can really nail down some great trends for cheap and the best part about leopard is that while it’s trendy right now, it’s also something that will come around again and again, so it’s worth the investment.

Chenille is everywhere right now, so I picked up this basic black chenille sweater, for less than $4!

And for a fun seasonal color, I found another chenille sweater, in a fun crop silhouette, done in a spiced orange color, and for  $1.50, how could I say no? I ended up layering this piece with a fun Aztec print poncho for the Wildfire Event in Pittsburgh the other day, more on that later!


Lastly, I chose this fuzzy pink leopard Forever21 sweater for under $4!

So, I got 5 sweaters for under $15, I call that a win!

The only thing with thrifting, especially on a Wednesday, is you have to be prepared to stand in line like it’s Black Friday…


Thanks for following along, I am so excited to share these half-price hauls with you guys moving forward!

“May you go everywhere and wear it all.”



All Things Fashion · Half Price Hauls/Thrift Tips

Move over, Macklemore


Thrifting is definitely on my list of favorite things to do. I never miss a Wednesday sale and depending on my schedule I squeeze in another visit or two 😉 (don’t tell Mike). I would say about 90% of the clothing in my closet is from a thrift store and when people compliment my pieces they ask where I got it and don’t believe me when I say, “Goodwill” or “Salvation Army”. So, I thought that I would compile my top ten tips for the art of thrifting to help you get to expert level too.

1.) Have an open mind– yes, it’s a thrift shop, not a high-end boutique, so you will have to sort through old lady button ups, sizes that aren’t yours, and retired corduroy floor length dresses, but it’s so worth it, hang on.

2.) In the words of my Little (shout out to Jess), go in with a plan and a prayer. Before I go in, I know what section I want to hit first. If I know that I want to get a new grey cardigan, I hit that section first so that I can nail down a piece that I am specifically looking for before I find other great pieces.

3.) Be open to looking outside your typical size. Most thrift stores are set up more by color than by size (although not all), so be prepared to look through all sizes and who knows, you might end up like a different size than what you usually wear. One thing that I stand by with my fashion is that what you are looking at in the store doesn’t have to be how you wear it. I have been known to use the lining of a dress or a night gown for different purposes in the past…

4.) Thrifting is a non-committal (and cheap) way of trying out a new trend. Not sure if you are wanting to bring velvet back? Track down a velvet top or scarf at the thrift shop for a couple bucks, wear it with different items in your wardrobe, play with it a bit and if you hate it, you are only out a couple of bucks, easy!

5.) Know your brands. As someone who has always loved fashion and now works in fashion (where my Stitch Fix chicks?), I think that knowing your brands is an important way of sifting through a thrift store rack. Know what brands are worth buying, as well as what brands you prefer to wear. For instance, when I went last Wednesday there was a ton of J Crew clothing throughout the store and being a Wednesday where everything is 50% off, the prices were even lower than on the tags that you see below! I mean, come on, a J Crew black shift dress with the tags still on it for $15? Hello.

6.) Which brings me to my next point. Don’t walk, run on Wednesday’s, everything (minus whatever color they choose that day) is 50% off! Win win.

7.) There is a section designated to name brands. Now, I will say, there are the same name brands sprinkled throughout the store, but in this section you can often find pieces with the tags still on.

8.) Think outside of the box; don’t be afraid to mix pieces, patterns, textures, etc. For instance, I bought a super chic Banana Republic wool coat in Emerald Green and on a completely different trip, I bought a black fur collar (because, fur) and pinned it to the  jacket and it was magic.

9.) Dedicate time.  No, it’s not as simple as going into your local mall and going right to your favorite size/style/brand, but don’t get discouraged, you can almost always walk out with something if you are willing to get your hands a little dirty.

10.) As always, have fun, and stay chic!

PS- I will try to get better at adding how much I spent on the items in my posts and on my social,  and where I got them so that you can see how easy it is to look chic and spend less!


Ralph Lauren denim $2! And I mean, who doesn’t want another chambray shirt? I know this girl does.IMG_9756IMG_9768

J Crew blouse, $4IMG_9769IMG_9772

The denim is great if you are into distressing or making your own cut offs for Summer wear.IMG_9767IMG_9773

Tags still on this timeless J Crew Shift sold here for $15!IMG_9774IMG_9777

Tommy Hilfiger blazer, in a rich burgundy for $4!IMG_9778IMG_9779IMG_9780

Michael Kors for $5??IMG_9781

May you go everywhere and wear (thrift?) it all.